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11. května 2008 v 19:41 |  Pierce Brosnan
Profession: actor
Birthday date: 16.5. 1953
Age: 54
Zodiac: bull
Hight: 185 cm
Colour of eyes: brown
Colour of hair:black
Biography: Pierce was born in Drogheda. He lived with his grandmother in Ireland, because his mother had to work in London. When Pierce was 11 years old, he moved to his mother. He studied in a regular high school. After high school he had a job. He worked in a taxi service, photo studios and for an advertising agency. He got the first film experience in an experimental theatre company. In 1973 he studied in the London Theatre school. After school he played in many London theatres. In 1978 he became acquainted with Cassandra Harris. On 27th December 1980 he married with Cassandra. They adopted 2 children, Charlotte and Christopher. In 1983 he has got his first own baby, Sean William. In 1991 Cassandra died for cancer.
He got his first bigger part in filmsThe Long Good Friday and in The Mirror Crack'd.
In 1984 he got the golden globe for the film Nancy Astor.
In 1995 Pierce starred as agent 007 James Bond.He played in many James Bond films.In 1994 Pierce became acquainted with Keely Shaye Smith. They live in Malibu Brach in Kalifornia.
James Bond films:
Golden Eye 1995
Tomorrow Never Dies 1997
The World Is Not Enough 1999
Die Another Day 2002
Interviewer:What is your favourite film part ?
Pierce Brosnan:All films where I played agent 007.
Interviewer:What was your film name?
Pierce Brosnan:My name was Bond, James BOND.
Interviewer:What was your favourite drink ?
Pierce Brosnan:Dry MARTINI with ice(rock) and slice of lemon, shake not mix.
Interviewer:Why do you like this part in films?
Pierce Brosnan:Because I played agent with licence to slay.
Name: Tereza Bartošová

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1 marmela marmela | E-mail | 15. února 2009 v 14:01 | Reagovat

mno moja thy o piercovi vela newies bo on ziadne hnede oci nema,,wess,,,a anitho neni pravda o jeho biografii,,,wess thak najprv si tho riadne nastuduj a az potom daco onom hovor!!!!!! ok,,,,mnooo a este nikdy si sa snim ani nestretla tak ako mozes vedet aky je,,,,

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